No More Bears Please

Hospital BearsIt is a well known fact that small people bounce. Some put that to the test more than others and my little girl is one of those kids. If there is something to fall off/over/onto, she will find it, resulting in numerous injuries and the odd trip to A and E.

M is nearly four now and rarely a day passes without at least one fairly significant accident. She walks into doors and walls, treads on things and trips over her own feet. I dread new shoes and the following onslaught of extreme face-plants that ensues.

As a result, she is usually covered in bruises, scabs and scratches. She currently has some corkers, including an entirely black back of ear from head butting the bed post one night.

However, all of these are put in the shade by the now rather grubby bandage on her little mitt (have you ever tried keeping a three year old’s hand clean without washing it?  We have everything from ketchup to pen on there). We ended up in A and E over Christmas as she smashed a ceramic bowl she shouldn’t have even had and then fell onto one of the pieces, slicing a very deep if small cut into the palm of her hand. It has been glued back together and there was no tendon or ligament damage, thank goodness. And she received another hospital teddy bear to add to her collection (provided by a charity, not the NHS). She now has three bears. I’m hoping she doesn’t go for the forth.

So, as that dear little hand heals, along with the ear and all the other current injuries, I can’t help but worry about my girl. If you were a particular fan of gender stereotypes (which I’m not), you might expect the two boys to cause more trouble but, for now at least, it will always be my M who makes my heart momentarily stop whenever she runs on Tarmac or climbs the steps for the slide. And it is only going to get more worrying as she leaves my constant supervision – and the beautifully safe and padded spaces of nursery – and starts school later this year, where all the perils of the playground await.

I keep hoping it is a passing phase and she will grow out of it. Time will tell. For now, all I can do is keep the first aid box well stocked, maintain a high level of sympathy whenever needed and provide plenty of cuddles as and when required. Oh, and make more space on the bed for hospital bears, if we have the misfortune to adopt any more.


3 thoughts on “No More Bears Please

  1. Our poor M. She is definitely accident-prone, but we keep hoping it’s a “passing phase”. We’ve been hoping that ever since she began to walk!

    Loving the blog.



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