Over-Egging Our Easter

imageSo, the Easter holidays are coming to a close and it has been magnificent. Yes, really. We’ve had a bloody brilliant time with a seventh birthday to celebrate, lots of time with friends and family and multiple egg related activities. But, despite having a great time, I am, yet again, guilty of cramming far too much into our two weeks. There is always just so much to do when school is finally out.

A few years ago I would have looked askance at anyone who suggested I might have been sad to see school restart after a break. I simply never understood Mums who said the holidays rushed by and that the six week summer break was over in the blink of an eye. I was in the thick of the monotony of preschool at the time and I couldn’t imagine the rhythm of the school year, or actually enjoying having my eldest at home with me for several weeks straight. I really wasn’t enjoying it at all at that stage.

When you have preschoolers and their year isn’t yet neatly divided into bite sized half-terms, you can feel like you are on a never-ending loop. There is no light at the end, there is just a depressing amount of tunnel. There is nothing different about Easter week, other than than fact that there are no toddler clubs to occupy your little bundle of energy and everywhere else is annoyingly busy with older kids.

imageThe school routine was a huge relief after nearly five years of the same old shit every day. It was grim, desperately trying to find ways to fill a long day with two small kids in tow. School started and it suddenly all felt OK at last. The day is now split into manageable chunks, it isn’t an endless sprawl in front of me any more. We do the school run, some morning activity or other, back home for Baby T’s nap and down time for M, then there is the school pick up and the after school time. It is totally do-able with this structure. It isn’t a yawning gap of a day in front of me any more. In fact, days race past more often than not.

But, much as I like the school routine, we are all totally ready for the school holidays when they come round. I love spending time with my  little H. I cram as much into school holidays as I can, to the point that we only had one day in the past two weeks that we had nothing planned.

I love having a busy diary but I know I’ve overdone it this time. The kids are utterly delighted by the constant activity but I have completely exhausted myself. I’m actually looking forward to the relative relaxation of a few school days when Monday comes round.

But what brilliant activity it has been. Two sleepovers, two birthday cakes, multiple day trips, wonderful family time, giggles with friends, picnics and bucketloads of chocolate. Our Easter holidays have pretty much rocked.

Now, I need a really long nap please.



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